Wheel &
Tire + Alignment

Wheels and Tires

We have a brand new touchless tire machine and state of the art tire balancer to help with any wheel and tire job necessary. We price match national brand tire sellers such as Tire Rack and CJ Tire to offer everything under one roof for tires and wheels.

Maintenance Alignment

We offer maintenance alignments to make sure the factory specifications called for by the manufacture are still within spec. Improper alignments can affect fuel economy and improper tire wear.

We would recommend this after we install new tires or if you just feel something isn’t right after hitting that nasty pothole. We can perform an alignment check in a matter of minutes and perform necessary adjustments right on the spot.

Aggressive Street

We drive our cars on the street and the track and we like the alignments to be set up to cater to both. Adjusting your suspension alignment can add some serious attitude to the handling of your car. Most vehicles allow for some major adjustability while retaining the factory hardware. We can set the specs up to handle more like a track car but on the street. Let us know what you are looking for and we can make our suggestions.

Track it

Have specific alignment specs for your car? No problem. We offer track setup alignments for the weekend warrior. These alignments may be too aggressive for the street and would be tailored to owners who trailer their car to and from the race track.

& Repair

& Tuning